Video Interview: Gary Numan Official discusses living in an incredible castle, singing with his kids, pioneering electronic music, and an apocalyptic future.

Video Interview: Alexia Nicole - The Bubblegum Princess discusses loving Disney music, wrestling her brother growing up, the best brand of gum, who she'd love to face, and what Bubblegum Kingdom is like.

Photos: Royal Blood, At The Drive In, and Black Honey at Brighton Centre in Brighton.

Video Interview: Jake Bugg discusses falling in love with harmonies, always writing new songs, escaping with video games, mysterious wrestlers, and being a hopeless romantic.

Video Interview: The Latina Sensation Mercedes Martinez discusses wanting to wrestle in Mexico, extremely proud moments, her Batman obsession, and working with WWE.

Video Interview: Junior vocalist and WWE wrestler Mark Andrews discusses his amazing sticker suitcase, new Junior music, defending indy wrestling, his experience with WWE, and having matching tattoos with Pete Dunne, Rickey Shane Page, and Marty Scurll.

Smash Wrestling's all-female #CANUSAClassic was incredible. What better way to celebrate women's wrestling than interview the legendary Gail Kim. Thank you for all you've done for this industry. ❀

FUCK. YES. This was hilarious and I can't stop smiling. 🀘🏼 Steel Panther

Video Interview: Circa Survive discuss amazing vocabulary, loving to dance, insane vinyl collections, and their magic powers.

Chatted about hummus and weird eyebrows with Veda Scott at Smash Wrestling. πŸ˜‚ Thanks for hanging with AMBY!

Review + Photos: The Felice Brothers and Gill Landry at Night & Day Cafe in Manchester.

Mercedes Martinez is awesome. This was such a funny and interesting conversation. Congrats on all the cool things happening. β€πŸ‘Š

Video Interview: Kevin from The Interrupters discusses having a cool t-shirt collection, the running man, his first backstage experience, their new album, and the thrill of touring with Green Day.

This interview was hilarious. So many laughs with SWMRS!

Photos: Liam Gallagher at REBEL in Toronto.

It was great having Cheerleader Melissa on the show! Thanks for chatting at Smash Wrestling!

Had such a good time chatting with The Regrettes. πŸŽ‰πŸ’•

Great hosting another interview with Ellie and Joel from Wolf Alice! #InterviewRoundFour

Video Interview: Sami Callihan discusses guilty pleasures, his adorable chihuahua, falling in barbed wire, wanting to wrestle on Mars, and how oVe's Jake and Dave Crist are family.

So lovely speaking with "The Bubblegum Princess" Alexia Nicole - The Bubblegum Princess at Smash Wrestling! I rarely interview people who are younger than me so it's super inspiring to see her career continue to grow and kick ass! πŸ€—

Yessssss! It was a blast talking with "Thick Mama Pump" Jordynne Grace at Smash Wrestling! Total badass right here. πŸ‘Š

Awesome chatting with Kevin from The Interrupters! πŸ‘πŸΌ

It was so much fun speaking with Jake Bugg once again! One of my favourite songwriters and such a lovely guy. ✌🏼 #InterviewRoundTwo

Ahhhh legend alert! This was extremely cool for me. I had such a fun time interviewing Gary Numan Official!

Photos: Wolf Alice, Sunflower Bean, and superfood at O2 Guildhall Southampton in Southampton.

Lovely speaking with Anthony and Colin from Circa Survive!

You've GOT to Hear This: Lissie demonstrates a powerful combination of heartfelt introspection and contemporary dream-pop in "Blood and Muscle".

Video Interview: Jonny Pierce from The Drums discusses loving Disney, what he finds sexy, embarrassing fashion choices, extreme honesty, and ten years of the band.

Two interviews Friday
Three Saturday
Seven Sunday


Review + Photos: Jake Bugg, Adam French, and GEORGIE at Regent Theatre & Victoria Hall in Stoke-on-Trent.

A year ago today I had a highlight of my career, interviewing Metallica. I can't believe this was a year back and am so proud how AMBY has continued to grow incredibly since, knocking out big interview after big interview. Seeing this photo pop up in my timeline gave me a huge smile!

Thanks to Ed and Teppei from Thrice for chatting today!

Well, "The Prestigious One" Joe Hendry and I gave this whole interview thing another try. Judging from this photo, how do you think it went? 🀷🏻

Video Interview: Impact Wrestling star Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka discusses his insane shoe collection, being Dwayne The Rock Johnson's daughter's favourite wrestler, and loving wrestling since he was a kid.

Photos: Tori Amos at Massey Hall & Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

This was a lot of fun. I totally admire the passion and drive Mark Andrews has! Awesome interviewing him at Smash Wrestling! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Junior

Video Interview: Rey Mysterio discusses hanging out with rap artists, what he says to kids in the crowd, being a car fanatic, words of wisdom, and inspiring underdogs everywhere.

Review: The War On Drugs and The Barr Brothers at O2 Apollo Manchester in Manchester.

So happy right now. That was one of the best weekends ever. Much love Maximo Park Official and Smash Wrestling. ❀

I finally got to interview my favourite lyricist & frontman to one of my favourite acts of all time, Paul Smith of Maximo Park Official! If it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't have started AMBY & be where I am today. Thank you for the inspiration, #MaxΓ―moPark! #dreamscomingtrue

In the Loop #36 - New vlog! I unbox the latest ridiculously awesome Pro Wrestling Crate and talk wrestlers with face paint!

Video Interview: alt-J discuss funny curse lingo, the best drinks, band insults, brewery tours, and speaking Japanese.

Photos: Arcade Fire and Wolf Parade at Frank Erwin Center in Austin.

Video Interview: Grado discusses terrifying matches, his first tattoo, weighing himself, childhood nicknames, and his hilarious slang.

In the Loop #35 - New Q&A! I talk about my favourite lyrics, if I can wrestle, drunk bands, becoming friends with interviewees, and eyebrows!

Video Interview: Smash Wrestling's Anthony Kingdom James (Anthony Ruttgaizer) discusses creating his own comic book, ugly children, dream endorsements, his hilarious Tweets, and being a strip club DJ.

Video Interview: Mixed martial artist Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal discusses loving reality TV, huge paychecks, wanting to judge on Iron Chef America, evolving his style, and teaming with Bobby Lashley.

Video Interview: Impact Wrestling star Matt Sydal discusses bad ring injuries, hippie festivals, taking huge risks, and how wrestling brings people together.

Review + Photos: Cassidy Stone at Jimmy's in Manchester.

Video Interview: Noah Cyrus discusses rescuing an adorable dog, loving sad movies, matching family tattoos, and intense break-ups.