Video Interview: "The Beast King" Franky TM discusses his reptilian friend, bizarre fears, loving pop music, and why he's miserable.

It was amazing speaking with "The World's Strongest Man" and wrestling superstar Mark Henry! Thank you for the great interview! πŸŽ₯

HOOOOO! πŸ‘πŸΌ It's yours truly with the legendary Hacksaw Jim Duggan on AMBY! So many incredible stories and laughs were shared in this interview. Thank you so much.

Video Interview: Shotzi Blackheart discusses loving intergender wrestling, horrible movies, sleeping with a nightlight, singing in a band, and being totally insane.

It's James Ellsworth on AMBY! This was sooo much fun! Thanks for the great chat and making me laugh throughout the show. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon. ✌🏼

Had a blast hosting interviews at the Magen Boys Entertainment #TimeForSomeAction show! Lots of sweet photos and videos coming your way soon. ❀

Photos: Marilyn Manson at REBEL in Toronto.

Truly ran the gamut of emotions in this interview. Massive shoutout to Gregory Iron for being so honest, funny, and downright inspirational. ❀ (Also, that Space Monkey tee πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ). #TheHandicappedHero #NaitoTakesDayton

Video: Maxwell Jacob Friedman invaded my backstage interviews at TheWrestling Revolver... while I felt the impulse to slap him again, luckily I had some surprise backup this time to do it for me.

Yessss! It's "The International King of Swerve" Shane Strickland on AMBY! This was awesome. ✌🏼 #NaitoTakesDayton

Myron Reed is awesome. I had lots of fun with this one, thanks for the great interview! πŸ”₯ #HotFire #NaitoTakesDayton

Video Interview: Benjamin Paul Bruce from Asking Alexandria discusses the benefit of the "dad bod", spontaneous songs, loving chick flicks, and his wiggle dance.

Acey Baby! Awesome meeting Ace Romero and having him on the show! You're great. πŸ’₯ #NaitoTakesDayton

It's the ballsy badass Shotzi Blackheart on AMBY! This was SO fun! 🀘🏼😻 #NaitoTakesDayton

You have no clue how long I've wanted to interview "The Machine" Brian Cage! Thanks for hanging at TheWrestling Revolver with me! πŸ’ͺ🏼 #NaitoTakesDayton

Photos: AWOLNATION at The Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto.

I have SO much respect for HAVOK - Jessicka Havok. ❀ Thanks for being inspiring both in and out of the ring, and for the amazing conversations both on and off camera. You're a total badass. #NaitoTakesDayton

We were both pretty damn excited about TheWrestling Revolver. πŸ˜‰ I really enjoyed interviewing the super talented Jason Cade! #NaitoTakesDayton #BuffyFansUnite

Lovely having AJ from Fire From the Gods on the show the other day! πŸ”₯ #UniteOrDie #FFTG

I'm clearly exhausted. 10 interviews in 1 day. I LOVE YOU WRESTLING. ❀ TheWrestling Revolver #Dayton #ProWrestlingRevolver

I enjoyed this conversation so much! Thanks to Elijah Witt from Cane Hill for the insightful and charming interview. 🎀

Video Interview: MILK TEETH discuss wanting free food, peopel who should go away, always being angry, getting hurt on a trampoline, and crying together.

Yaaay! Always so much fun hanging with Beau from Blessthefall! 🀘🏼⚑ #InterviewRoundFour #HardFeelings

Congrats to Of Mice & Men on the release of their sick record "DEFY". It was great chatting about the tunes with the band's very own Valentino! πŸ₯ #OMandM

Review + Photos: Ezra Furman at Arts Club in Liverpool.


Video Interview: Mr. Athletic Jeff Cobb discusses getting mistaken for Samoa Joe, people with abs, internet trolls, having Hiroshi Tanahashi style his hair, pet peeves, and being teased for liking Pitch Perfect.

This dude's awesome. It was a lot of fun catching up with Ben from Neck Deep! ✌🏼

Yessss! Hosted #interviewroundthree with the amazing Will from Creeper. Always love seeing you! πŸ’œπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ


Yessss it's the weekend. Who's binge-watching AMBY interviews?? πŸ˜‰ Heels & Faces

Had a chat with Three Days Grace ahead of the release of their rockin' brand-new record "Outsider". 🀘🏼

Photos: Black Veil Brides at REBEL in Toronto.

Video Interview: CC from Black Veil Brides discusses getting back in shape, crying fans, being clumsy, and regretful makeup choices.

It was lovely speaking with Rou Reynolds from Enter Shikari! 🀘🏼🎀

Finally spoke with Black Veil Brides and it was sweet. Thanks for such a great interview, CC!

Video Interview: DevilDriver discuss first concerts, fun ways to meet fans, and loving barbeque.

Awesome seeing my dudes Andy and Brent from Crown The Empire! 🀘🏼 #InterviewRoundThree

Hosted interview round two with MILK TEETH and it was so much fun! ❀🎸

In the Loop #42 - Brand new Q&A: I talk about my favourite foods, being clumsy, singing, and more!

There are so many exciting things going on with Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria, so it was great talking about everything on AMBY! Lovely seeing you!

Photos: MØ at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto.

Dudes. This interview prep is wearing me ouuuuut. 😴 #worthitthough #somanyinterviews!

Video Interview: Helmet discuss learning to sing at CBGB & OMFUG's, eating Chinese food with David Bowie, insane partying, and Cookie Monster bands.

Video Interview: Mark Haskins sings his favourite karaoke song and discusses becoming an "old man", singing in public, dealing with dumbfucks, and getting paper-cuts all over his face.

Review + Photos: The Barr Brothers at Gorilla in Manchester.

Video Interview: Nardwuar the Human Serviette discusses his fashion sense, always being nervous, the bromance with Snoop Dogg, and his first interview ever.

Video Interview: Matthew Riddle discusses wearing flip flops everywhere, loving the sush, having a "sweet bod", his brothday party, and how he's ready for the end of the world.

Video Interview: Brody King discusses his first punk concerts, the new #GodsHate album, and being crazy in the ring.

Hi! I'm Alicia Claire Atout. I like hot chocolate, leather skirts, and old soul music. Nice to meet cha. ✌🏼 #HVIIIBrandGoods